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Finding The Best Way To Quit Smoking

Finding The Best Way To Quit Smoking

stop smokingResearch over the last few years has told us that cigarette smoking and all of the illnesses that it causes are the leading cause of death on our Western world. A variety of different types of cancers, from lung, throat and mouth cancer, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart disease have all been linked to tobacco use. During the 60s and 70s there was a lot of noise made about the many dangers of nicotine and tar. These were times before research found that nicotine was highly addictive and that tar was a vasoconstrictor, which reduces blood flow and oxygen flow around the body, there are also 4,000 other chemicals which need to be considered too, such as carbon monoxide, which comes from your car engine and arsenic, which is a poison.

There are so many products these days that claim to be the best way to quit smoking. The main problem is that no one product is the best. Smokers have got a physical addiction to nicotine and also a mental addiction to smoking after certain events. The physical addiction is normally going to last about a week or two. On the other hand the mental addiction can last from three weeks to several months. Right now there is no product available that deals with both of these issues. The mental side of the problem really is addressed by any products at all other than counseling and hypnosis.

The best way to use these products to create a better chance of stopping is in a cocktail. By this I mean to use a number of different products together. Ideally they best way to do this is by going to your doctor and speaking with them and having them set up a stop smoking program which is going to address both addictions and also consider your background health or any other factors that may influence your success in stopping smoking.


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